Survive and Thrive Conference

The 2nd Annual Survivor Conference is set for September 15, 2018! This year’s event will be held at Chamberlain College in Downers Grove and will be called the “Survive and Thrive Conference”!

Stay tuned for more information, details and registration information about this year’s event.

To view photos from the 2017 event, click here.

Topics from the 2017 Survivor Camp included:

Food as a Tool to Fight Against Cancer (Nutrition) – Studies suggest that living a healthy lifestyle and following certain dietary measures can make a difference to combat all types of cancer. Practicing strategies such as eating a healing diet of cancer-fighting meals, vegetable juicing and consuming probiotic foods can help build immune function and supply the body with valuable nutrients. Join us as we explore which foods help us to feel great, provide us with more energy and stabilize our mood. Liz Gold, MS, RDN, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment & Wellness

Get Your Groove Back: Intimacy – Sexual dysfunction is a common effect of cancer treatment due to hormone deprivation and impact on body image, energy levels, mood, and relationships. This session is to help bring attention to this issue, encourage survivors to exercise their voice in survivorship, and provide hope that there are options available to manage their sexual concerns. Amy Siston, PhD. Psycho-Oncology Service, University of Chicago

Stop the Noise in Your Head! – There are many ways to help turn the noise off in our head and to enjoy the moment that you are in right now. Even if you are usually calm, but every once in a while you find yourself full of stress, this session will teach you a few new techniques to reduce that stress and turn out those noises so that you can embrace and enjoy your new life. This session may include Meditation, Mindfulness, Deep Breathing, Yoga, Gong bath, etc.  Cecily Hunt, Certified Yoga Therapist

Post-traumatic Growth and Cancer – Post-traumatic growth is defined as a spectrum of positive changes that a person may experience after a traumatic event. There are many different experiences in diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment that may be traumatic for an individual with cancer.  In this session we will explore trauma, Post-traumatic Growth, and the importance of mental health support throughout the cancer journey. Kelly Kopale, MAT 

Get Moving Ahead & Get Strong – Your body has been through a lot between the chemo, radiation or surgery.  It has been working hard to fight and destroy the cancer.  Learn how exercise and activity can rehabilitate your body so that it can regain its strength – even if you are still tired and worn out this is session is for you.  Come and learn how to get up and moving again.  A rehab therapist will provide instruction on the benefits of therapeutic rehab after surgery.  Betsy Campione, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, Balance Fitness for Life

The Cancer Journey – A Perspective on How You Survive – You have been through a lot and it is time to reconnect with yourself and embrace the person you see looking back. Join a fellow survivor and hear how she managed her cancer journey using her professional training as a psychologist. Dianne DeSousa, PhD. Associate Professor/Coordinator, Psychology, Prairie State College

Acceptance-Based Therapy for Body Image Concerns – This interactive presentation is for men & women struggling with body image concerns related to treatment and recovery. The presentation will focus on how acceptance-based techniques can be used to address body image concerns. Amanda V. Harris, M.A., Doctoral Level Clinical Psychology Student, Midwestern University.