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Let’s Walk This Journey Together


The Cancer Support Center is here to give strength, guidance, and support to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis, as well as to their loved ones. We do this as a community-based, volunteer-driven, donor-supported organization. Our programs, resources, and services are always delivered by professional therapists, counselors, nutritionists, and experts; and are provided in a warm, welcoming, and nurturing setting at no cost to participants.

Center History:

In 1992, Joan Hopkins and Judy Svancarek faced the challenges of cancer and realized the need for emotional support for themselves, their family and friends. They visited other support centers and were inspired by the educational lectures and support groups. Joan and Judy listened to doctors and nurses and researched reports that attested to the positive effects that support centers had on the immune system.  In an effort to gather community support and make this dream a reality, Joan and Judy banded together with Judith Hanzelin, an oncology nurse, Carol VanTuyle, who worked in hospice, Jennifer Fallick and Patricia McDonald, who had lost husbands to cancer, to become the driving force behind what is now known as
The Cancer Support Center.

Today, The Cancer Support Center provides comprehensive supportive and wellness programs to thousands of people annually.  Everyone who comes to The Center is cared for – we do not have strict geographic limits and we do not limit how frequently individuals can come to The Center for support.  We are here to ease the burden of the cancer journey – from the beginning with diagnosis through treatment and well after someone is “cancer-free”.

For many of our participants, they experience the emotional burden of their diagnosis and care well after their physical care is provided.  If you know of someone who is struggling with their cancer journey or loved one is in need of support, please encourage them to stop by and meet with one of our program navigators so that they know that they are not alone.  If you need us, please come on in and let us work with you to find hope, help, and healing!

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