Thank you for visiting the Cancer Support Center’s webpage.  We hope that you find useful information on this site and that you are inspired to stop by and see what The Center is all about.  From the moment you walk into The Center, you know that you are somewhere special which will help you better navigate the emotional and physical difficulties caused by cancer and its treatments.  Our Center is a warm nurturing place for all who are on the cancer journey, caregiver and survivor.  Remember there are no charges for any services or programs attended – this is a place of hope, help and healing.

The staff of The Cancer Support Center is here to support you in dealing with the difficulties that cancer puts on those diagnosed and their loved ones. We are one Center with two locations in Homewood and Mokena.

Many of the staff members work at both locations.

Please feel free to contact The Center’s staff in order to help you with your diagnosis or for more information about our mission.

We look forward to hearing from you!

_________Melissa Strick, LCPC_______________ Jason Kieffer, LCPC________________Kathleen Daly, ATR, LCPC
__________Clinical Therapist__________ Program Manager & Clinical Therapist_____Program Director & Art Therapist


________Chris Rosandich, MS______________________ Jan Planis______________________Kelly Kopale, LPC
_Program Manager of Offsite Locations_____ Program Navigator (Homewood)_____Art Therapist & Program Coordinator
__& Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator__ ____jplanis@cancersupportcenter.org_____kkopale@cancersupportcenter.org


_____________Paula Pate___________________    __ Wendy Butzbach______________________Denise Marshall
_      ___ Development Associate___________Program Navigator (Homewood)_______Director of Finance & Operations
____ppate@cancersupportcenter.org__ _wbutzbach@cancersupportcenter.org_____dmarshall@cancersupportcenter.org


________Cynthia Turnquest, MS________________ Stephanie Wettstein__________________Dyandra Morris-Inniss
_Director of Outreach & Strategic Partners_____ Administrative Assistant_____          ___ __ Marketing Coordinator


___________Jen Harris_____________________  Alexandra Kunath______________    ____Karen Bruck
_  __Program Navigator (Mokena)_____  _  ___  Development Associate_   _____Development Associate – Special Events
__jharris@cancersupportcenter.org_ ____akunath@cancersupportcenter.org_____kbruck@cancersupportcenter.org



_____________________Jen Linares_______________________________________Sue Armato, MA
________________Development Manager__________________________________Executive Director