Hospital Partnerships

Let’s Walk this Journey Together! 


The Cancer Support Center is committed to supporting YOU and your patients in helping them build strength and a sense of empowerment!

The Cancer Support Center believes medical oncology care coupled with our comprehensive integrated psychosocial and wellness care programs can greatly enhance and improve a cancer patient’s quality of life.  We provide your patients the support to fully stand up to their cancer by equipping them with the tools for life beyond cancer.  Patients gain hope, peace, and a new meaning for life as they journey down this challenging road.  We thank you for walking together with us!


In light of the COVID pandemic, we are not currently able to be at your hospitals providing on-sight services.  Our partnership is still very important! Below you will find printable Cancer Support Center materials that we welcome you to print out and share directly with your patients as is appropriate.  You are also welcome to email any of these materials to your patients as well.  The objective is to get this critical information to the patients who are in the fight of their life.

Printable handouts for you and your patients: (link next to description)

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We offer also programming in five distinct support and wellness areas – here are the specific handouts for each area –



If you have any additional needs or would like more documents, please reach out to us. We are a team – and happy to provide further support as needed.


Email: kdaly@cancersupportcenter.org

Phone: 708-798-9171 ext. 209

Fax: (Homewood) 708-798-0052   &   (Mokena) 708-478-4066


Want to learn more about becoming a Hospital Partner?

If you are not currently a formal hospital partner and are interested in learning more about how we can partner together to support the mental health and overall wellness of your cancer patients, please contact Kathleen Daly at 708-798-9171 ext. 209.  The following is a listing of the programming support we can provide onsite, in partnership with you, at your medical facility.

Clinical Assessment 

Wellness & Educational Programming

Specialized Programming

By working in collaboration with hospital oncology teams, The Cancer Support Center provides valuable programming and services at our partnering hospital sites. The goal of the partnership is to offer psycho-social supports to cancer patients before, during, and after cancer treatment. These supplemental services are offered to patients and their caregivers to ensure that cancer patients are connected to clinical supportive services throughout their cancer journey, both while at the medical facility receiving treatment as well as afterwards.